My story starts in 2019


I love video games, and my daily drive is the Sci-Fi Hardcore MMORPG EVE Online.
At the 2019 EveVegas meetup, the Eve Online developer CCP, organized a Fundraiser for the benefit of AbleGamers Foundation.
I attended the Fundraiser and this is where I learned about AbleGamers Foundation, their mission, who they are and what they do.
I think with Covid pandemic we all realized, the negative effects of social isolation. Now, imagine impaired people who live their entire life in isolation.
Gaming can make their lives better and fun and I believe this is the perfect time to raise awareness and promote AbleGamers mission.
You can join this pool and be part of its mission, or you can help by making donations on their website here: #SoEveryoneCanGame

Who is AbleGamers

The AbleGamers Foundation (also known as The AbleGamers Charity) is an American nonprofit organization and foundation dedicated to improving accessibility in the video game space, enabling more people with disabilities to be able to play video games. The charity creates resources, assists individuals in getting the peripherals they need, runs scholarships, and works with video game publishers and video game companies to improve accessibility.

What AbleGamers do

“People with disabilities are at a heightened risk of social isolation, and AbleGamers knows that video games can be the perfect gateway to community participation, lifelong friendships, and unforgettable shared experiences. AbleGamers Mission: Creating opportunities that enable play in order to combat social isolation, foster inclusive communities, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. We’re using the power of video games to bring people together, improving quality of life with recreation and rehabilitation.”

AbleGamers – Wikipedia

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